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QAI Global Institute (QGI) is the workforce development division of QAI and engages with individuals inside organizations and with professional communities.

The Institute, through learning design, training delivery, competency assessments, development and certifications enables career growth and equips individuals to help realize organizational goals.


QAI Global Services (QGS) provides advisory and consulting services, leading to operational excellence in organizations.

QGS engages with client organizations for deployment of best practices and process improvement engagements in areas including Quality, Innovation, Project and Programme Management, IT Service Management, Testing and Service Excellence to name a few.


Edista Testing Institute (ETI), a subsidiary of QAI, provides talent acquisition, management and transformation solutions in Software Testing.

ETI provides this support through various trainings, e-learning programs and in-house drives to assist employees in obtaining software testing certifications.


The International Software Certifications Board (ISCB) was established as a professional association to represent the quality assurance profession.

The ISCB undertakes research and houses the Bodies of Knowledge. ISCB offers professional certifications in the areas of Testing, Quality, Business Analysis, Project Management, and Process Engineering.